Wednesday, 09th May 2018
08:00-18:00 Registration
11:00-18:00 “FACIAL ASYMMETRY” Course by S.O.R.G. Academy
18:30-19:30 Opening Ceremony
Thursday, 10th May 2018
07:30-17:00 Poster Presentations
07:30-17:00 Exhibition
07:30-08:30 Oral Abstract Session 1
Hall A
Oral Abstract Session 2
Hall B
Oral Abstract Session 3
Hall C
Oral Abstract Session 4
Hall D
  Reconstruction 1
08:45-09:15 Reconstruction After Midfacial Resection
  Julio Acero
09:15-09:45 Orthognathic Surgery Controversies: Where are they?
  Alexis Olsson
09:45-10:15 Autologous Fat in Maxillofacial Surgery
  Velupillai Ilankovan
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
  Reconstruction 2
10:45-11:15 Transparotid Surgery and Facial Nerve Surgical Anatomy
  Vladimir Popovski
11:15-11:45 Management of Surgically Compromised Condition for Dental Implant
  Shou-Yen Kao
11:45-12:15 Current Advances on Platelet Rich Fibrin
  Piet Haers
12:15-13:30 Lunch
12:30-13:30 Master Class - Larry Wolford
Common TMJ Conditions that Affect Orthognathic Surgery Treatment Outcomes
  Regenerative Medicine / Technology / Aesthetic Surgery 1
13:30-14:00 Is Beauty Really in the "PHI" of the Beholder
  Stephanie Drew
14:00-14:30 Tissue Engineering in CMF
  Riitta Seppänen-Kaijansinkko
14:30-15:00 Mixed Reality in Maxillofacial Surgery
  Chingiz Rahimov
15:00-15:30 Modern e-Health Applications and New 3D Tools in Cleft, Craniofacial- and Orthognatic Surgery
  Stefaan Berge
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
  Regenerative Medicine / Technology / Aesthetic Surgery 2
16:00-16:30 Facial Esthetic
  Mohammad Bayat
16:30-17:00 Augmentation Rhinoplasty Using Costal Cartilage Graft – The Liverpool Experience
  David Richardson
17:00-17:30 From the Mucosa to the Skin - Facial Harmonization
  Luiz Marinho
17:30-17:50 Mesenchymal Stem Cell Applications in OMFS: From bench to bedside
  Zeynep Burçin Gönen
Friday, 11th May 2018
08:30-17:00 Poster Presentations
08:30-17:00 Exhibition
07:30-08:30 Oral Abstract Session 5
Hall A
Oral Abstract Session 6
Hall B
Oral Abstract Session 7
Hall C
Oral Abstract Session 8
Hall D
  Temporomandibular Joint
08:45-09:15 Effects of Orthognatic Surgery on Temporomandibular Joint
  Nükhet Kütük
09:15-09:45 Evaluation of Temporomandibular Disorders in Patients Affected by Primary Fibromyalgia
  Stefano Mandrioli
09:45-10:15 TMJ Reconstruction – Options and Considerations
  Benjamin Davis
10:15-10:35 Minimally Invasive TMJ Surgery: a Mere Alternative or a Current Standard of Care?
  Anastassios I. Mylonas
10:35-11:05 Coffee Break
  Education / Current Trends
11:05-11:35 Diagnosis and Management of Head & Neck Cancer Including "Rare Malignancies"
  Nicholas Kalavrezos
11:35-12:05 Face Transplant, The Long-Term Outcome
  Jean-Paul Meningaud
12:05-12:25 Pathways to Publication
  Nabil Samman
12:25-13:30 Lunch
12:25-13:05 Corporate Session - Ceyda Özçakır Tomruk
Medications of Affecting Bone Healing and Osseointegration
13:30-14:00 Orthognathic Surgery: Update on Surgical Techniques, Occlusal Plane Alteration, Virtual Surgical Planning.
  Larry Wolford
14:00-14:30 Orthodontics Crossing The Borders…..
  Sandy Van Teeseling
14:30-15:00 Upper Airway Changes Following Skeletal Repositioning of the Jaws
  Hakan Tüz
15:00-15:30 How can Integration of 3D Virtual Planning of Orthognathic Surgery in the daily Clinical Routine Enhance Facial Aesthetics in Orthognathic Surgery
  Gwen Swennen
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
  Orthognathics, Oral Surgery
16:00-16:30 Dental Infection
  Andrej Kansky
16:30-16:50 Changing the Sequence in Bimaxillary Orthognathic Surgery
  Fatih Mehmet Coşkunses
16:50-17:20 Bone Ring Technique for Single Stage Implant Placement in Vertically Deficient Alveolar Ridge
  Tayfun Günbay
17:30-18:30 Residency Examination
Saturday, 12th May 2018
08:30-17:00 Poster Presentations
07:30-17:00 Exhibition
07:30-08:30 Oral Abstract Session 9
Hall A
Oral Abstract Session 10
Hall B
Oral Abstract Session 11
Hall C
Oral Abstract Session 12
Hall D
  Trauma / Cleft / Craniofacial Reconstruction 1
08:45-09:15 The Role of Surgery in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer
  Max Heiland
09:15-09:45 Challenging Cases In Cranio-Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery
  Mohammad Sartawi
09:45-10:15 Orthognathic Surgery in Craniofacial Malformations
  Manlio Galie
10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
  Trauma / Cleft / Craniofacial Reconstruction 2
10:45-11:15 Orbital Reconstructions, Relevance Modern Techniques
  Eddy Becking
11:15-11:45 Paediatric Maxillofacial Tumours
  Syed Mahmood Haider
11:45-12:15 Management of Posttraumatic Midfacial Deformities
  Selçuk Basa
12:15-12:45 Treatment of Pediatric Condylar Fractures and Management of Their Complications
  Orhan Güven
12:45-13:45 Lunch
12:45-13:45 Master Class - Nicholas Kalavrezos
Current Reconstructive Techniques and (Potential) Future Developments in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology
  Preprosthetic / Dental Implant
13:45-14:15 Immediate Single-Tooth Replacement With Strategic Dental Implants
  Vitomir Konstantinovic
14:15-14:35 Alveolar Origami
  Fethi Atıl
14:35-15:05 Coffee Break
  Airway / Sleep Apnea
15:05-15:25 Hypnosis in Dentistry: Why Not?
  Bozkurt Kubilay Işık
15:25-15:55 Different Treatment Options for VPI Correction
  Abdelfattah Sadakah
15:55-16:25 Controversies in the Maxillofacial management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA
  Iain Ormiston
16:25-16:45 The Change in Difficult Airway Predictors After Orthognathic Surgery
  Sıdıka Sinem Akdeniz
17:00-18:20 Oral Abstract Session 13
Hall A
Oral Abstract Session 14
Hall B
Oral Abstract Session 15
Hall C
Oral Abstract Session 16
Hall D
20:00 Gala Dinner and Awards Presentations