Prof. Alexis Olsson
IAOMS President, 2018-2019
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the IAOMS, I welcome you to the first joint IAOMS-AÇBİD Congress held in beautiful Belek, Antalya celebrating AÇBİD’s affiliation with the IAOMS.

Under the leadership of AÇBİD President Dr.Timuçin Baykul, its Board of Directors, and Dr. Doğan Dolanmaz, Conference Chair, this visionary partnership meeting promises to further promote Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the national and international level. Long known for being a premier academic meeting, Prof. Reha Kisnisci, Scientific Chair, in cooperation with IAOMS representatives Prof. Piet Haers and Prof. Nabil Samman have assembled an outstanding faculty covering the most relevant and enlightening subjects in our specialty, as well as a forum to exchange ideas and to network. This conference will be a model for future partnerships and I look forward to meeting everyone and rekindling friendships.


Prof. Timuçin Baykul
President of ACBİD
Dear Colleagues and Friends

The 12th congress of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society will be held in Antalya in May 9-13 2018 during “IAOMS-ACBID Joint Congress” with collaboration of IAOMS which is great excitement for our society.

Achievements from the scientific meetings of our society to date showed multiplying knowledge and sharing it with the colleagues is of importance for development . The 12th joint congress with collaboration of IAOMS will put an important milestone on the way to success. Well-structured lectures from distinguished speakers and participants from all over the world will constitute a tremendous scientific atmosphere as well as a social celebration that brings friends and colleagues together in Antalya.

I would like to thank to Dr. Alexis Olsson and the board of the IAOMS for their kind collaboration and to invite you all for a better knowledge in our specialty to set sail for new horizons.

Prof. Doğan Dolanmaz
President of Congress
Dear colleagues,

I would like to proudly announce that the 12th Scientific Congress of our Association, which will be held in Antalya, Belek, between 9-13 May 2018, would be jointly organised by AÇBİD and IAOMS, the major organization representing our profession internationally.

As you all know, AÇBİD has determined to achieve the international standards of our branch since the day it was founded and for this purpose has organized 11 congresses and 4 symposiums and many courses with the participation of the most valued speakers worldwide.

In the 12th congress, which will take place under IAOMS-ACBID Joint Congress you will have the opportunity to listen to experts from all over the world, both in-country and abroad, within the program to be created by the distinguished scientific committee headed by Reha Kişnişci. At the same time you will have the chance to participate in courses with practical training.

As with all the scientific organizations that our Association has carried all issues related to our field will be presented and discussed with a high standard and meticulously prepared scientific program in this congress. In addition to this, our colleagues will have the opportunity to share their cases and studies.

Looking forward to see you all in this beautiful organisation that will be jointly held by AÇBİD and IAOMS.